Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Mistake

Have you ever done something by mistake then thought to yourself “that was so cool there’s no way I’m  going to admit that was a mistake”?  Through history some awesome things have been invented by accident.  Oh yeah there’s the microwave oven and penicillin but I’m talking about really cool stuff like chocolate chip cookies. 

A while ago while getting a haircut I was treated to one of these wonderful mistakes when I heard the words “OH NO!” said with a fearful pause.  When your hair stylist says the words “OH NO!” you would also like to the rest of the sentence to follow immediately such as:

OH NO!, you are such a great guy there will no charge for the hair cut today
OH NO, I read your blog the other day and forgot to leave a comment
OH NO, there’s no need to tip me

Those would all be very acceptable closures to the OH NO sentence but this time it was just ended by a long…….. pause then a look of panic. 

To make matters worse this was said after taking the first swipe off of the top of my head with a pair of electric clippers. 

I normally get my hair cut on top with a good old number 3 electric clipper attachment which is around ¼ of an inch then some tapering on the sides.  Well, this time instead of a number 3 on top it was a number 1.  Yep, the shortest of the short attachments.  This attachment is so small it almost doesn’t qualify as an attachment.  That was the reason for the OH NO!!! At this point there was no turning back so it was the number 1 all the way.  This experience reminded me of when I was 5 and got my head shaved in the summer.  If my memory is correct I cried after that hair cut but this time I was brave and didn’t even outwardly shed any tears.

The first couple of days after my new hair cut I wore a hat around.  Not because I was embarrassed but because my head was freezing.  It took a couple of days to get used to but I’m very happy to report that I really like the new and improved super short hair length.  Here are some reasons why super short hair is the way to go.

  • Short hair is way more aerodynamic – in fact it might allow me to average an additional .01 mph on the bike.
  • No more helmet hair
  • Gives me a good excuse to wear a cycling hat when I ride
  • My hair brush budget got slashed down to 0
  • Good hair day, bad hair day….. it’s all the same
  • It hides the stray grey blonde hairs that seem to be coming from nowhere

So to date, short hair is my most favorite mistake.  I’m sticking with it.


Jeff said...

I used to buzz my head all the time. I've done it once as an adult and realized that it exposes my "true hairline". I now find that the money I pay to have my hair cut professionally is worth it.

jeff said...

Years ago we were going on vacation at the beach, and I got a really short haircut so I could just get out and dry it and be done. I loved it! I've kept it pretty short for a lot of years.

The Old Bag said...

Love the "good hair day, bad hair's all the same"!

Groover said...

Where are the photos so we can form our own opinion on your new looks...? ;)

Touring Bike Tires said...

Looks like the advantages exceeded the disadvantages. It was actually a good mistake. Thanks to the barber.