Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is That the Sun?

I love living in the Seattle area. There are trees everywhere you look, awesome places to ride right outside your door, and in most people's opinion there's no such thing as clothes that don't match. This place rocks! The other thing I love is it rains so much here that when there is a rare sunny day in the spring no one wastes a minute staying inside.

So, last Saturday morning I took full advantage of the sun and went for a ride. I was greeted as I wandered out our front door with the sun peaking through the tulips.

As I started out, I was clad in plenty of layers of warm clothes but as the day wore on my jersey pockets got stuffed full with rolled up clothes. By the end, I was down to cycling shorts, a short sleeve jersey and one very large smile. It was nice to ride outside in the warm weather again.

Just what the doctor ordered. 73 miles of sun exposure Vitamin D.

Sun, I hope we meet again very soon!


Linda said...

Thanks for clearing that up Mike. We had a similar bright object in the sky and it has been so long since I've seen it, I forgot it was called the sun.

Groover said...

As your layers come off, our layers get piled on. LOL Love the tulip photo. Great shot!

Anora said...

Its look very nice...
Thanks for sharing in blog.It look very sunny day..

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