Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Monday Cafe

Today I have the privilege of hosting The Blog Café. If you’re not familiar with The Blog Café basically it’s a virtual get together at a favorite cafe of the host’s choice where we sit around and discuss a topic that I throw out to you. Food, fun and conversation even though it’s virtual is kind of a nice place to be for at least a couple of minutes during your Monday

Before we head over to the café I first need to take you on a journey with me. I’m currently training for a one day 204 mile bike ride on July 17th so before we do lunch we need to get some training in first. Seriously, it won’t be as bad as you think. Our day is going to start at 5:00am as we all ride away from my house on our bikes. I know what you’re thinking. Mike, that’s way too early to ride a bike. I know it’s early but if you leave this early there are some benefits.

1. The dogs aren’t awake this early and if they are they are way too tired to chase you down the street.
2. You get to ride into the sunrise and enjoy amazing views like this.

Here are a couple of roads that we’ll be riding through on our tour of the Pacific Northwest.

By noon we’ll be finished up with our required 100 miles of training for the day and even though you and I have already consumed our weight in Cliff bars, Snickers bars, and Gatorade we will still be running a huge calorie deficit which of course we’ll need to take care of.

So for lunch we’ll be heading over to Everett Washington to hang out at Barney’s Pastrami Dip.

Barney’s Pastrami Dip is a one man show run by the owner Dave Barney that basically offers one item on the menu which is of course The Pastrami Dip.

Dave will make your sandwich on the spot after you place your order so you can watch him pile heaps of pastrami that he seasons himself on a crusty, split baguette with spicy mustard and pickles. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to quote a food critic “Barney’s is the best pastrami I have ever had on either coast.” You just can't go wrong with a Pastrami Dip. Sorry I don't have any pictures of these creations. I went on Friday to partake of this yummy goodness and also take some pictures for you but he wasn't open. Honestly, I almost cried on his door step. So for today you'll just have to use your imagination.

Barney’s isn’t exactly heath food but since you have ridden 100 miles with me today there’s really no need to be a nutritional role model. All you have to do is sit right down and enjoy a great sandwich with me. In fact, you might want to order a second round before we leave without any guilt at all.

While we’re enjoying our Pastrami Dips I’m sure we’ll do some typical cycling chatting about super important things like pedals and saddles of choice. We also might swap some embellished stories about some epic rides of the past. Finally, we’ll get down to the topic of my choice for the day.

“If you could have any super power what would it be and why”?

I love this question and honestly my answer constantly changes.

So for today if I could have any super power it would be to have the ability to time travel and to take others with me. Think of it, wouldn’t it be nice to travel back in time to witness major historical events like the signing of the declaration of independence or more importantly the 2001 Tour de France. I could also travel into the future to figure just how old I’m going to be when I go completely bald. OK, maybe I'll skip that one.

Super heroes only use their powers for good so I would promise to only use this power with good intentions with one exception. Occasionally, I've been known to say things that I wish I could take back. If you’re married you know what I’m talking about. So I would also use this super power to travel back in time by 5 minutes to correct any unlikable statements that I make and replace them with incredibly sensitive lovable statements. Better yet, maybe I'll replace it with nothing at all. So if we're talking to each other and I suddenly don't say anything at all when I should be don't worry it could be that I just used my super power on you.

So, now it’s your turn to chime in. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

I'm looking forward to your responses. Have a great Monday.


Jenny-Jenny said...

I would like super fitness, please. Then I could not only keep up with you when you are kindly riding at my pace so we can enjoy the day together, but I could pass you riding at your pace... up a hill. I might even try a marathon, and while we're at it an Iron Man... in Hawaii!

hip chick said...

O.K. First, I ride my bike in the sunrise too. But, I am riding 3 miles to work. And, I am on a not very scenic road...your scenery is so beautiful it might even inspire me to ride 100 miles!
Second, I can't believe you rode 100 miles for Barney's pastrami dip and they were not open. I would have cried too! I also can't believe that you wouldn't use your super powers to make Barney come and give you pastrami!
Third, that is awesome that you are going to ride 204 miles in 1 day! Fantastic! Your butt must be made of leather by this point.

Becky K. said...

Oh, I must be shallow because the first thing that came to mind was super cleaning abilities. A three minute clean of the entire house would be awesome!

This was very enjoyable. Thanks for the bike ride and great views.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to fly without wings so that would be my superpower. I like your idea of going back in time. The recent Dr Who episode had the Dr going back to visit Vincent Van Gogh. Amy Pond wanted him to feel better by knowing that his work would be recognised one day. I liked that idea of going back in time to make people happier. So many times even with people around us we lose that sort of opportunity.

Tracy said...

Hi, Mike! 5 am and 100 miles... that's quite a request... LOL! But I love mornings, so glimpses of the day unfolding while riding, that sounds perfect. I'm a walker mostly, so I will definitely have to brush up on my biking! But our stop for lunch sounds great... Does Barney's do anything vegetarian? ;o) I've not eaten meat in 8 years. I'm with you on the time travel powers! I've often felt I've been born in the wrong time, certain stretches & happenings in history have long fascinated me, so it would be amazing to have the ability to go back in time, live in certain era for a while, be witness to something that happening ages ago... To experience different places, different modes of living, etc. Wonderful topic! Happy Riding... and best luck on your ride in July! :o)

Pam said...

Can I count your virtual bike ride as my exercise for the day?

As for super powers, I would like the Bewitched Nose Twitch please. Just wiggle my cute little nose and make things happen.

JoLyn said...

Next time I come up there, I'm renting a bike! You've got me convinced. However, we'll have to start small--the longest ride I've done is 37 miles, and that was a killer for me!

Hmmm, super-powers. I would have the power of being able to do lots of things at once--and the energy to do them! Clean the house, shop, work--all while laying on my bed reading a good book!

Thanks, Mike, for a great day at the Blog Cafe!

Shayla said...

Heh, heh. Great topic, gorgeous views and I just know that was a fabulous lunch. My husband and I debate that question all the time. I know his favorite superheros are the Flash and the Green Lantern and if I remember correctly he would like super speed. Somehow I think that can encompass time travel...
I already have superpowers- but if I could add another one it would be time travel as well.

Dayleen said...

LOL! This is a topic that often comes up in our house. The kids are quick to come up with their super power but I am overwhelmed with the choices; what would I really want if I can only have one super power, it's stressful! Today it is not stressful, I've been thinking about this the last few day--I'd like the power to exterminate the pesky bugs that have entered our home uninvited! But the Bewitched nose twitch sounds pretty good--maybe I could just twitch those bugs out of existence.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a gorgeous place to ride a bike! Knowing that sandwich was waiting might motivate me.... for about 5 miles - LOL

I'm much too timid for time traveling or magic of any type. I think if I could have a super power it would be the ability to fly. I would enjoy that very much!

Anonymous said...

Love todays post! :) Wow, any super power huh... Is there a name for traveling super fast? Like snap your fingers and you are in Aruba, or Paris. Id like that. I love to travel but id rather do with out the airports lol. I love the pictures!

Big Oak said...

Well, I can't think of any super powers I would like, mainly because there would probably be some serious side effects. Like, if I had super strength, I wouldn't be able to pet our dog or cats.

I can't say much for the coffee at your cafe - it tastes an awful lot like the cheap coffee I make at home.

But ride over to the cafe was fantastic! Great scenery!

Good luck on your training. Remember to eat at least 300 calories per hour on the bike, and avoid fatty foods off the bike.

Willow said...

Super power? Hmmmm, maybe the ability to tell when people are lying. I think I'd like that one.

My husband is a biker. He rides to work. When he did a 55 mile ride for literacy, he came home so pumped and excited!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Hmmmmm...that's a tough one, Mike.
I think mine would be everchanging also. Maybe the ability to get time to stand still so I can get more done. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Oh and maybe a higher energy level to go along with that.
Jenny sent me over...and I thought 100 miles was a long ride on a bike. Seems like that's a normal ride for you.

Marie said...

Sunrise time is the best part of the day in my opinion. Great sounding cafe by the way. Too bad they weren't open. Bad luck there! If I could have a superpower, it would be the ablity to make everyone in the world play nice with each other.

bekkah said...

Well, since I've never learned how to ride a bike I'll have to drive alongside you guys, but you can store the cliff bars and gatorade in the back seat!!

As for superpowers...a shapeshifter would be extremely cool or maybe control the elements like Storm. I would probaby be able to do more good with the latter and not necessarily running around looking like a cheetah :)

Kokorozashi said...

Erm ... would you be willing to kindly use your time-travel power to shuttle me back by one day so I can post a reply on time, yesterday? :D

Your photographs made me (yet again) seriously consider moving to the Pacific Northwest. I would jump at the chance to join you (or almost anyone short of Stalin, Hitler, or Jeffer Dahmer) in those beautiful hills for a 100-mile sunrise ride culminating in the best pastrami in the world (served on baguettes! with mustard! Do you live in Heaven?).

As for my super power: someone else already said it, but I think I'd have to go with wingless flight -- and the ability to let anyone fly with me just by holding hands. That would be so great.

The Clem Family said...

Sorry, Mike, for not getting on on this until today. My Monday was crazy busy.

But, I would like to comment on the pretty scenery you took us through on our bike ride. I love the norhtwest and I need to get there again soon.

I love the topic of conversation because I'm a superhero fanatic! Anyway, if I could have any super power, it would to be to read people's thoughts. I'm always wondering what people are really thinking. This would also come in handy when your kids are lying to you. LOL!

touring motorcycle Bike Exhausts said...

I love riding early in the morning before sunrise. My reasoning being similar to your reason number 2. But i have never thought about dogs giving me a chase. huh! i love the blog cafe idea. Sounds great. And you actually started the To do list with food! Sounds great though.