Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sore, But in a Good Way

When I was younger I don’t remember the sensation of having sore muscles unless I did something out of control and kind of dangerous. I would ask myself “why is my leg sore” then I would remember that the previous day I had played tackle football in the mud with my buddies for hours and got repeatedly slammed into the ground by a much larger “friend” of mine. So in essence to be sore when I was younger I really had to earn it.

Now that I’m a couple of years older I can be sore for no reason at all. Absolutely none! I’ll crawl out of bed and on my way to the shower wonder why my shoulder or some other random muscle is killing me. I’ll replay the events of the past couple days in my head and find no evidence of where the pain is coming from. Then, I’ll chalk the pain up to sleeping in a weird position. Sore from sleeping in a weird position? That would have never happened when I was a kid. When did this spontaneous indiscriminate sore (place your favorite body part here) transformation occur? Beats me but I really wish it would go away.

Lately I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard in my cycling training. In fact, I don’t ever remember training like this in January but to be honest I’m happy with my fitness level for this time of the year. Sometimes at work when I get up from desk my legs will be a sore from the ride the night before. This kind of sore I really like. In fact, it puts a smile on my face. Not because I’m into pain but because I know exactly where it came from and to quote a old Smith Barney commercial “I earrrrrrrrrned it”

I’ll take self inflicted sore muscles over random old guy aches and pains any day. So here’s to another day of soreness. Sore but in a good way.


Jeff said...

I had that experience this week after riding my bike (on the trainer) for the first time in over a month. I loved the way my legs felt afterwards.

jeff said...

Amen! I told my wife the other day that my legs hurt, but it was good. I'm happy with my progress on the trainer, but still have a few extra lbs. to drop. Also, the trainer is so boring compared to hitting the road.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Hey jeff- get yourself some 24 series and the joy in trainer riding increases 100 fold!

Another good part of "good" leg pain is that the best way to help them feel better is by... riding more!

オテモヤン said...


Touring Motorcycle Bike Exhausts said...

Jeff, you mean you loved the pain you felt after riding? Or is it the good feeling of riding and having relaxed muscles? Or what is it you loved?