Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Am I Getting Old?

The other night my kids were sitting around the computer giggling. This sight made me just a little nervous. They asked me to come over because they were going to test if I was truly old. Of course I told them there was no way I was old and I could pass any test they gave me. Bring it on!

Then they went to a website and played a sound file which they told me that kids could hear but “old people” couldn’t. As they played the sound file I stood there in silence. I couldn’t hear a thing. They all laughed and laughed and laughed. I thought they were joking but they really could hear this file and I couldn’t. Finally, they turned up the volume all the way and I could hear the sound if I stood directly in front of the speakers.

OK, I give up. I guess I really am old. If this hearing loss came from years of listening to loud music it was worth every last minute.

Here’s the website they were listening to the sound file on. Just click on the play button to see if you are old too. Hopefully, you’ll hear a very high pitched sound. If you don’t hear anything don’t worry you’re in good company.


Good luck!


331 Miles said...

I've heard about those ringtones. I read that in England they use the same tone at loud volume to keep kids from hanging out in unwanted places. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I can hear it, but it just sounds like a ringing in my head... wouldn't never get my attention to answer the phone.

Bike Buddy said...

that cracks me up. I can hear it and I didn't listen to very much loud music as a kid. My kids said they have friends that try it on teachers at school. I believe 331 and I bet it works. we should try putting it in the Christmas present hiding place!

Apertome said...

Oh, damn my ears! I can hear it all right, but it's rather painful. Consider yourself lucky!